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Here is a list of local programs that air on KPLE-TV. Check our program schedule for broadcast days and times.

Attention Central Texas
Attention Central Texas
Compelling interviews from local churches, ministries and organizations. Attention Central Texas is a public service program produced by KPLE-TV. Organizations and individuals wishing to be a guest on A.C.T. should contact KPLE-TV.
Airs Wednesday at 10:45am and 12:15pm and Thursday at 7:30pm. Watch now.
Cornerstone Baptist Church with Dr. Edward L. Wagner
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Bible teaching from Dr. Edward L. Wagner of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Harker Heights, TX.
Airs Thursday at 7pm.
Destination 126 with Pastor Johner Martin
Destination 126
Pastor Johner Martin of Freedom Bible Fellowship in Belton teaches on God's way of healing and recovery from addiction. Based on Genesis 1:26.
Airs Thursday at 12 noon.
Angels On Assignment with Reverend Dr. Trena Parker
Dr. Trena Parker Ministries: Angels Ministering Spirits Minitries
With Evangelist Dr. Trena Parker.
Teaching on the Word of God in your life.
Airs Friday at 12 noon. Watch now.
Family Dominion
Family Dominion Ministries
With Dr. Cynthia Morris. Taking dominion over the works of the enemy. Family Dominion Ministries airs Wednesday at 10:30 on KPLE-TV.  Watch now.

Fresh Manna For Today
Fresh Manna For Today
Inspired teaching from Evangelist Dee Levens. Fresh Manna For Today airs Wednesday at noon on KPLE-TV. Watch now.
The Gathering
For Such A Time As This
Praise, prayer and worship hour with Mother Bell, Catherine Mason, Nita Pike, and the late Jo Montgomery. This KPLE classic program airs Friday at 10:30am. Watch now.

The Gathering
The Gathering
Pastors and prophets discuss God's call for the region. The Gathering Airs Mondays at 7pm and Fridays at 11:30am. Watch now.
The Journey with Robin Durham
The Journey
Hosted by Robin Durham of Compass Ministries. The Journey is a production of KPLE-TV that studies the Bible as talks about the spiritual journey of life.
The Journey airs Friday at 7am. Watch now.
Men of Integrity
Men of Integrity
Bishop Darryl Shaw from Rivers of Living Waters Ministry leads this men's bible study. Men of Integrity, Men Recusing Men.
Airs Tuesday at 8:30pm. Watch now.
Pursuit of Excellence
Pursuit of Excellence
Pastor Johner Martin of Freedom Bible Fellowship (Belton, TX) teaches principles of excellence from the Bible.
Airs Monday at 12 noon. Watch now.
Songs From The Throne Room of Glory
Songs From The Throne Room of Glory
Songs of praise and worship by Bishop John R. Stevenson of Red Sea Baptist Church, Killeen.
Airs Monday at 8:30pm. Watch now.

Word of Life with Rev. Mitzi Gibson
The Word of Life with Rev. Mitzi Gibson
Bible teaching from Rev. Mitzi Gibson. Program also airs in Spanish. Watch in Spanish now. The Word of Life, English airs Sunday at 7:30am and in Spanish on Tuesday at 12 noon. Watch in English now.
It's A Word Thing with Bishop John R. Stevenson
It's a Word Thing
Bible with Bishop John R. Stevenson from Red Sea Baptist Church of Killleen. Airs Tuesday at 8:30pm. Watch now.
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