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Finish The Work

“Finish the Work”, she would say, “Take care of our community” If you knew her, you understood what that meant and why she choose you to carry out such a heavy love burden. Her zeal for life was contagious. Simply put, she wanted everyone to experience the love and the power of the Living God. Faith moves mountains, and with the help of her staff and volunteers, faith and hope continue to move on the air waves for Christian Broadcasting.

-Catherine P. Mason August 20, 1927 – May 13,2022 (94 years old)

KPLE-TV belongs to the community and the community belongs to all of us to lead and keep reaching for ways to support and engage more by volunteering, supporting the efforts of the community we serve.

-Fran Swanson, faithful friend in Jesus Christ

Summer Internship Program

Our goal is to tighten the gap between pre-college students in the field of broadcasting and the service organizations who support the communities they reside. In Bell County, non-profit organizations are seeking ways and ideas to learn best practices they need to get their message back out.

Our objective is to provide a summer internship program in 2023 for Summer/Fall semesters that targets those who are going in the technical trade route and/or those who are college bound and eager to learn broadcasting training.
We will provide a place and space for them, teaching the necessary skills needed to work in a professional environment working with highly skilled broadcast professionals with over 30 plus years’ experience.

Our impact to support these students will provide those interested in television editing, broadcasting, streaming and media, an opportunity to work in a live broadcast environment for them to gain additional skills as they prepare for trade or college.

Support To Military Families

KPLE-TV understands many people who work in our area may not live in the Fort Hood/Killeen community. However, they do commute daily to Fort Hood/Killeen and want to be in the know about non-profit resources and the services they provide. Our impact to support our military families includes their children. Our next generation lies in the support from the community.

Over the past 30 years, KPLE-TV is proud to call Central Texas home and we are excited to reveal the love of Jesus Christ through Christian Broadcasting. We see the hard work these military families provide and the investment they place on their students. Our staff of professionals believe before they leave into their adult lives, we can remind them of who they are and where they come from.


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